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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Polish Hammer

Last night one of the best nights in a long time for sports for me. Now being a Orlando Magic, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Detroit Tigers, Washington Redskins, and Chicago Bulls fan, usually does not turn out in my way. Now first, to the Chicago vs. Boston game.


So i have been staying quiet after game 5, Brad Miller air balls a layup when Rondo knocks out his tooth, then bricks the free throw, now from that game there are a few things that bothered me. First, Bulls blow 10 point lead with about 5 minutes left, but they are a young team so i guess what do you expect? Now, i have been doing a lot of hating on Brad Miller for turnovers, having a 3 inch vertical, and being the slowest person i've ever seen on a court. When Brad Miller went to the line, when an announcer states that Brad Miller is a 85% free throw shooter, and that hes good in these situations, you know he's missing the shot. Then, for the 2nd free throw, he throws it off the backboard, misses rim, you would think that all players know the ball must be touched by the rim. Anyways that was game 5, lets move to game 6.

So after game 5, I think Rondo is a POS, not for talent, but for how much of a cheap player he has been this series. Trips Hinrich and knocks out Millers tooth in one game, now we are in game 6, Bulls are up about 8, him and Hinrich fall out of bounds by Rondo throwing Hinrich to the ground, Hinrich got up, and he had that fighting pounce like he was gonna lay out Rondo, and i believed it may happen.

So we are going to fast forward to the 4th quarter. Bulls are up 91-81 with 8 minutes left. And typical Bulls, blow the lead, but not only blow the lead, let the Celtics go on a 18-0 run, and take the lead 99-91. So there I am, at a buddies house, wearing my Kirk Hinrich jersey, pouting with my best friend who also is a Bulls fan, thinking wow i hate the Celtics and that the Bulls should be up in this series 5-1, if a series could go that far. Then, a miracle happened, a such miracle that cannot be explained by divine intervention, the most unexpected player, Brad Miller of all people, hits a 3 pointer to bring them within 2 points with 30 seconds left. They get the ball back, and an deja vu moment, Miller top of the key, taking it to the rack, Rondo infront, and gets the layup to drop. The Once goat, any many rants from me hating on Miller, has been extracted. In game 5, Paul Pierce hit 4 huge jumpers, all going to his right. Now we came to the conclusion, he can't hit a jumper going to his left. Pierce had the chance to hit a game winner, and to our surprise, got the ball on the right side of the court, and with Hinrich guarding him, crossed over to his left, and bricked the shot. Needless to say, Joakim Noah, steals the ball, slams it down and gets the foul. Game should be over, no, i think Hinrichs layup was goaltended, and think of this possibility, if Rondo would of hit that jumper, what would the writers and critics say about Derek Rose, and his free throw shooting. His poor clutch free throw shooting costs him a national championship at Memphis, then eliminates them from the playoffs. Anyways, game 7 here we come.


So, i have always been a fan of the Orlando Magic since being old enough to follow the Magic. I mean i was 8 years old and still remember Nick "The Brick" Anderson costing Orlando the series in the 95 NBA finals.

Now Dwight Howard is suspended, and Courtney Lee is out for the playoffs. Now most sportswriters count the Magic out. Not me, now me knowing the Orlando Magic, know this team. Marcin Gortat will be a starting center sometime in his career, and last night showed it. He is quite the celebrity over in Poland, and he had some big plays last night. But we are going to head in this direction, i am watching Around The Horn, and they say about the game, "J.J. Redick siting tonight", and Redick who i still trust, hits 5 3's and scores 15 points. That says enough, i was expecting a 30 point night though LOL.

Now lets see if i can get my Magic/Bulls second round matchup.

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