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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terminator : Salvation Review

Terminator : Salvation

So as a little boy, 2 of my favorite movies to watch where Terminator and Terminator 2 : Judgement Day. Going into this movie, i was expecting a great movie after Terminator 3 just being average.
I remember Kyle Reese coming back from the future saving Sarah Connor from the T-600 which is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then he comes back in Terminator 2 : Judgement day to save John Connor and Sarah Connor. I wasn't a big fan of Terminator 3 : Rise Of The Machines but still it wasn't a horrible movie.

Now, the movie starts out with Sam Worthington is about to recieve the death penalty for murding his brother and police officers, and decides to sign over his body for science experimentation. He then is executed from lethal injection.

The movie then cuts over to John Connor(Christian Bale) leading a mission to discover more information about SkyNet. They discover fake information and human prisoners, he then is the first one to escape the underground bunker they were in and then it is hit with a small nuke that kills everbody else. Connor then meets with the leaders of the resistance and the information they have has a list of people SkyNet is searching for and Kyle Reese is number 2 on the list. John Connor knows he must send him back in time because he is his father. Kyle Reese is just a teenager in this movie and makes his first appearance when Sam Worthington awakes coming out of the bunker that was hit with the nuke unsure of where he is, he arrives in Los Angeles where he notices a terminator standing in the middle of the road, where then Kyle Reese comes and tackles him to save him. They then defeat the terminator and start a quest to find John Connor. On their quest Kyle is captured and Sam eventually finds his way to Connor, but not in the circumstances he wants, when they arrive at their secret base, a land mine explodes, and while they are trying to save him, figure out he is a new protype terminator. So they lock him up and figure out that he was with Kyle Reese and that Kyle is currently captured by SkyNet in San Francisco. Sam eventually escapes with help from a girl he saved, and during his escape he saves Connor's life and convinces John that he is his only chance at saving Kyle's life. So Conner decides to take him on his offer.

Sam returns to San Francisco and SkyNet where he finds out the truth, his past, and that he lead Connor and Reese directly to SkyNet. He decides that he can make his own choices and see's Conner has arrived and is fighting the terminator sent back in time to kill his mother and the reason he sends Kyle back in time.

"The terminator resembled Arnold perfectly"

They eventually defeat the terminator, and destroy SkyNet, but John is severly injured, and is given days to live. Sam, was told that everything deserves a second chance before his death, and realized that this is his chance, to show he did have a meaning. So he donated his heart to Connor so he could survive and lead the Resistance in the future.

Rating : 9 - 10

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