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Big Vanilla Earthquake
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Monday, April 27, 2009

All The Small Things...

Okay, so i am like pretty much obsessed with Blink 182 and anything to do with Blink 182. I haven't seem them in concert yet but i seen +44 in concert in Anaheim and i have seen Angels & Airwaves twice in concert in Milwaukee. I also have met Tom Delonge and we had a nice gay sweaty hug exchange. Anybody who seen them at Warp Tour last summer do not judge, wasn't their best performance, but if you seen them at the Rave 3 or so months earlier, it was EPIC.

Now If you do not know already, Blink 182 is back together and is about the greatest thing ever to be announced in a long time. They are getting back together for a summer tour this summer but i am skeptical about if they are releasing a new CD or not. Okay i was just proven wrong about that whole idea. I was on which is Mark Hoppus's own blogsite, i was on the website a month or so ago and he posted a picture of a possible lineup of songs they'd perform, well it was all of their old stuff. Now, since i just went there i have learned that they just created a new music video. But there are no details, i go on about once a day, but since blink 182 is not on modlife yet, i spose that's why i have not heard of any such news. Well i am very happy to learn this during mid blog session, and won't reedit my post since i was proven wrong.

The main reason i was blogging about Blink 182 because i came across this video about a hour ago, and apparently their is a BBC TV series called "All The Small Things" which revolves around a guy obsessed with Tom Delonge and a church choir that sings Blink 182 and also did an All-American Reject song. Apparently this show is a big hit over in Englahd with 5 million average viewers. Here is what i got to show for you ...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Muslim Basketball

Today was a very good day of basketball for me. Bulls won in double overtime and Hedo Turk hit a game winner against the 76ers. Both series are tied 2-2. Now i have been following both of these series very closely because they are my two favorite basketball teams. But Orlando has some serious problems right now with the 76ers. I just do not understand how they can have 10+ point leads in the 4th quarter and blow all 3 leads too have crazy finishes. They are lucky they are 2-1 in those 3 games. I think Orlando will be fine in the series but i am not 100% sure. Courtney Lee on the otherhand is the future of Orlando, he has been the most consistent player on the team with exceptions to Dwight Howard. Rashard Lewis and Hedo finally showed up to play, but the team is really missing Jameer Nelson right now running the offense.

For the Baby Bulls, Ben Gordon might be the best finisher and clutch performer in the league right now. I have been following him all season, and some of the shots he has hit in this series are unbelievable. To bad Brad Miller cost them game two or they would be up 3-1 in the series instead of 2-2.

I am also hoping that Adam Morrison gets some playing time in at least one Laker playoff game.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fire Vinny Del Negro Because Of Brad MIller!!!!

Okay, so the Bulls lost to the Celtics because "Jesus" was finally hitting shots for once in his life tonight, but the game should of never came down to this. The fact that Brad Miller was in the game for Tyrus Thomas is a joke. Thomas won them game one after Miller had 5 straight turnovers at the end of the 2nd half. Then tonight Thomas has 6 blocks, Noah and Miller cannot get a rebound if their life depended on it, and Celtics come back. Chicago had a 5 point lead, and Vinny decides that running pick and rolls from Rose to Miller was a good offensive set when Miller cannot catch a pass, or jump high enough to dunk a ball. Chicago should be up 2-0 but for some crazy reason the series is tied 1-1.

1. Ray Allen
2. Ben Gordon
3. Glen Davis

1. Vinny Del Negro
2. Brad Miller

I Hate Stan Van Gundy

In yesterday's game, Orlando is up 18 in the third quarter, you are playing the 76ers who have one player that is any good in Iquadola, you put in the reserves from 18 to 8 points lead, your playing turkoglu when he has about 4 points in the game, i understand he is clutch but that was last season, not this.... with 2.5 seconds left, the play you should of attempted you did two seasons ago

Now get your act together team and win the series

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little's Enough

Well hello, i decided i would start ranting about my opinions on sports, video games, music, because i got to do it somewhere.

so here is the beginning.....

on a side note, i read something today about you should never hate somebody, well i have 3 true hates and all involve one horrible day, these hates are the 2006 UCLA Bruins, Gus Johnson and J.P. Batista, this mainly shows why i hate Gus Johnson