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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madden : Ranked 4th On Singles Ladder

So right now i am currently ranked 4th on the singles ladder since the release of the game. My record in the game on gamebattles is 54-9 at the current state. At one point I was ranked 1 but when i moved up to my college i didn't have internet so wasn't able to play for two weeks. Im currently still 4th but don't play as much at the moment. But at one point was on a 23 game win streak so that is pretty good for that site. Im also 1-1 against Rambo who is ranked 1st on the ladder

I will get back into the groove of things soon enough

Madden 10 Review

The newest installment of Madden came out in August and i have waited a few months to review it because not all the glitches come out right away and people sooner or later will discover them.

First of all there are tons of new features in this years Madden.

- "PRO-TAK" - which is a new tackling animation that allows up to 9 players tackle a ball carrier

- "Fight For The Fumble" - when a fumble happens, players will dive on the ball and a "button smash sequence" will appear and whoever hit's these buttons the fastest will win the "Fight For The Fumble"

Now there are some changes in the gameplay. First of all, there is a new rating system that has drastically changed. Overall ratings are now drastically spread out from an Peyton Manning (99 Overall), to a Colt Brennan (45 Overall). Now this was put into effect to be more realistic to NFL gameplay. Another major change to the gameplay is they slowed down the overall game speed.

Online Features:

There are two new features when you go online in this years game. First there is a Co-Op mode where you somebody at random will play Quarterback/Receiver against the CPU. Unless you know who you are playing with, it is very faulty due to communication errors. There is also an Online Franchise option where you and up to 32 others can play in an online franchise together with friends or completely randoms. Which is another great feature to this years game.

Overall : I give the game a 8.5 out of 10

It is probably the best madden game but still is not perfect. There are still faults in the game like the QB Draw Glitch

Monday, June 22, 2009

Adam Morrison Gets A Ring

So, Adam Morrison is still my favorite basketball player, and the Orlando Magic are my favorite team. So when this NBA Finals matchup ended up happening, i guess it was a win win situation for myself.

Morrison doesn't play in one playoff game, dominates the sidelines, gets in fights with Sasha V.... and gets a NBA Championship ring

Anything Is Possible.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NBA Finals : Magic vs. Lakers Preview

So Orlando beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games. After the game LeBron James left the court and did not shake any players hands and didn't talk to the media. Dwight Howard had his way in game 6 and the only game James was held in check, only game he was under 30 points in the series. But nonetheless, now it's time for the real battle.

Orlando Magic vs L.A. Lakers

It has been 14 years since Orlando's first NBA finals trip where they were slept by the Houston Rockets. That team was lead by Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway with a great supporting cast of Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, and Dennis Scott. This years Magic team is very comparable with the 95 team. Dwight Howarad and Hedo Turkgoglu are the go to guys with great help from Rashard Lewis, Courtney Lee, and Rafer Alston. Also Jameer Nelson was a NBA All-Star this year and has the possibility of returning to the team for the finals. The Orlando Magic were 2-0 in the season series season this year with Nelson being the leading scorer in both games.

The Lakers were picked to be the guarenteed Western Conference pick. Sure, they did win the Western Conference, but they had their doubts. They went 7 games against the Houston Rockets who were without Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. They went 6 games agsint the Denver Nuggets but many were picking the Nuggest to win the series. Lamar Odom has been questionable, the same with Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher cannot hit a jump shot. While everybody who does not know the Orlando Magic is picking the Lakers in 4 or 5 games, I Pick Orlando in 6.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAG (Massive Action Gaming)

The graphics do not look the best, but does look very exciting to try out. 256 people in a single match is just scary good.

Hopefully they do a good job with the gameplay, only more great things to come i hope

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats Creeping Me Out Ep. 1

I am not even this bad

Magic vs Cavaliers Game 4 Preview

Now i am an Orlando Magic fan, and Orlando is leading the series 2-1 right now and game 4 is tonight in Orlando. Lebron James is averaging 42 points per game and did this to me.....

But i have recovered, and before this series started i predicted Orlando wins in 5 games, and im looking like a genius right now. I will speak more about the series after game 4 tonight.

Terminator : Salvation Review

Terminator : Salvation

So as a little boy, 2 of my favorite movies to watch where Terminator and Terminator 2 : Judgement Day. Going into this movie, i was expecting a great movie after Terminator 3 just being average.
I remember Kyle Reese coming back from the future saving Sarah Connor from the T-600 which is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then he comes back in Terminator 2 : Judgement day to save John Connor and Sarah Connor. I wasn't a big fan of Terminator 3 : Rise Of The Machines but still it wasn't a horrible movie.

Now, the movie starts out with Sam Worthington is about to recieve the death penalty for murding his brother and police officers, and decides to sign over his body for science experimentation. He then is executed from lethal injection.

The movie then cuts over to John Connor(Christian Bale) leading a mission to discover more information about SkyNet. They discover fake information and human prisoners, he then is the first one to escape the underground bunker they were in and then it is hit with a small nuke that kills everbody else. Connor then meets with the leaders of the resistance and the information they have has a list of people SkyNet is searching for and Kyle Reese is number 2 on the list. John Connor knows he must send him back in time because he is his father. Kyle Reese is just a teenager in this movie and makes his first appearance when Sam Worthington awakes coming out of the bunker that was hit with the nuke unsure of where he is, he arrives in Los Angeles where he notices a terminator standing in the middle of the road, where then Kyle Reese comes and tackles him to save him. They then defeat the terminator and start a quest to find John Connor. On their quest Kyle is captured and Sam eventually finds his way to Connor, but not in the circumstances he wants, when they arrive at their secret base, a land mine explodes, and while they are trying to save him, figure out he is a new protype terminator. So they lock him up and figure out that he was with Kyle Reese and that Kyle is currently captured by SkyNet in San Francisco. Sam eventually escapes with help from a girl he saved, and during his escape he saves Connor's life and convinces John that he is his only chance at saving Kyle's life. So Conner decides to take him on his offer.

Sam returns to San Francisco and SkyNet where he finds out the truth, his past, and that he lead Connor and Reese directly to SkyNet. He decides that he can make his own choices and see's Conner has arrived and is fighting the terminator sent back in time to kill his mother and the reason he sends Kyle back in time.

"The terminator resembled Arnold perfectly"

They eventually defeat the terminator, and destroy SkyNet, but John is severly injured, and is given days to live. Sam, was told that everything deserves a second chance before his death, and realized that this is his chance, to show he did have a meaning. So he donated his heart to Connor so he could survive and lead the Resistance in the future.

Rating : 9 - 10

Monday, May 18, 2009

Orlando Magic vs Boston Celtics Thoughts

So the impossible has happened, the Magic defeated the Celtics in game 7 last night. Now i think Orlando should of been up 6-1 in the series but ill take a 4-3 victory. Orlando is a team that relies upon their ability to shoot the 3. They shot as a team 13-21 and 61 percent. Going into this game i was thinking somebody on the Celtics "Ray Allen" was going to have the game of his life to end my dreams of Orlando winning the Finals.

I got off the golf course yesterday around 6, was pretty intoxicated, and caught the game just in time, so it was a good day.

So we are gonna some up this series with some heroes and goats....

1. Hedo Turkoglu
2. Michael Pietrus
3. Eddie House

1. Rajon Rondo
2. Stephon Marbury
3. Dwight Howard

Magic vs. Cavaliers in 3 days

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

X-Men Origins : Wolverine Review

So it is summer 2009, and it is a summer of movies. Now here is our lineup for the summer that I am most excited for:

X-Men Origins : Wolverine
Star Trek
Angels And Demons
Transformers 2
G.I. Joe : Rise Of Cobra
Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince

Now these are just a few of the movies i am very very excited for.

X-Men Origins : Wolverine

So i am a decent fan of the X-Men series, but with all 3 of the X-Men movies, all i wanted to see was my favorite X-Men character Gambit. He never made it into all 3 of them and it was quite disappointing. Now he finally made it into this movie. Also Ryan Reynolds played another one of my favorite characters, and that would be Wade Wilson "Deadpool". Now to go into the movie, it was overall a decent movie. First we start off that Wolverine kills his father unknowingly, and sets off his mutation. That then sets his mutation where he cannot die and no longer ages. It shows him being a major part of the Civil War, World War 2, and Vietnam War with his half - brother Victor Creed "Sabretooth". During the Vietnam War, the are imprisoned for stopping a rape of a Vietnamese civilian. These leads them to meeting William Styker and joining the Weapon X team which specializes in military missions but mostly in William Styker's benefits. Wolverine eventually quits the team, goes off on his own to live a more realistic life.

He then moves to Canada and falls in love. Sabretooth goes on a killing spree of all of the former members and they plot to kill Wolverines love interest to get Wolverine to do a military experiment to change his skeleton to a type of indestructible metal. These leads to Wolverine realizing William Styker's true meaning and sets of a set of events of Wolverine getting revenge on the entire Weapon X program. With this he meets Gambit and leads him to William Styker's facility and finds his brother, all the mutants Styker has captured to create another version of Wolverine, Weapon 11, and finds out his lover is still alive used as a plot to know what Wolverine was still alive and was also a mutant that can make others do what she wants. Wolverine battles Weapon 11 who is Wade Wilson's body and a mixture of all the mutants powers. Wolverine and Sabretooth defeat Weapon 11 and Gambit shows up to help lead the other mutants out and the other mutants meet up with Professor Xavier. Wolverine is then shot in the head by Styker and loses all memory.

Overall i give this movie a 7.0, decent movie but expected more.

I had 2 problems with this movie....

Wade Wilson:Weapon 11:Deadpool

I think Wade Wilson should of had a more important role in this film but i guess they are working him into another film to show more of his story. Now Wade Wilson is a mercenary with skill with swords/katanas. They show him at the end as Weapon 11 and there were a few problems i have with it. They call him Deadpool and Weapon 11, and if you know your comics and story, they are totally 2 different characters.
Also, i didn't know that this movie was a Mortal Kombat spinoff, as Weapon 11 had swords come out of his arms like Wolverines claws. He resembled Baraka from Mortal Kombat way too much. But only time will tell where they lead this towards i suppose so i will hold of my judgment of possibly massacreing the Deadpool character since they say there will be a feature film more into his character.

Second Problem:

Only a small problem, i wish Gambit would of been in the movie a little more, but i spose it is the origins of Wolverine, not Gambit, hopefully they had more parts of him into the future.

I did find these videos pretty cool though of Gambit and Wade Wilson though.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

J.J. Redick

So, the Orlando Magic/Boston Celtic series is tied 1-1, the Magic blow a 25 point lead in game 1 and end up winning, now we are going to head to game 2, Boston lead the entire game. Eddie House went crazy for 31 points, Rondo and Allen played respectful, but why didn't the Magic want to end the series there and go up 2-0? You are going to tell me that if they really wanted to they couldn't shut down Eddie House? Paul Pierce was in foul trouble the entire game. Now he will come back energized for game 3 and the Celtics will most likely pull this game out. Orlando is my favorite team but after that game, i don't see them winning this series. Here are my reasons, 1. Hedo Turkoglu is getting too much playing time for how poorly he is shooting. 2. Perkins can hold his own against Howard and prevent him from dunks and force hook shots that Howard hasn't developed yet.

Now after watching last nights game, i can tell you one thing, there was only one person who wanted to play last night, and that was J.J. Redick, he has scored 15 points in game one and two, but was in foul trouble in last nights game, only reason he did not score more. Rafer Alston is also facing a 1 game suspension for bitch slapping Eddie House in the back of the head for embarrassing the entire Magic squad.


now the Lakers tied up the series last night 1-1. Kobe Bryant dropped 40 points and had one of the craziest in game plays i have ever witnessed, he had the ball at the top left of the free throw line, stopped his dribble and was trapped, threw the ball of the backboard caught it and put it in fighting off Yao. In the game, Artest was thrown out of the game due to arguing with Kobe after Kobe elbowed Artest to the throat.

I will get more detailed into these series later on in the series.

On a Sidenote.... I noticed Adam Morrison wasn't suited up for the Lakers, i ponder the reasoning.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Polish Hammer

Last night one of the best nights in a long time for sports for me. Now being a Orlando Magic, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Detroit Tigers, Washington Redskins, and Chicago Bulls fan, usually does not turn out in my way. Now first, to the Chicago vs. Boston game.


So i have been staying quiet after game 5, Brad Miller air balls a layup when Rondo knocks out his tooth, then bricks the free throw, now from that game there are a few things that bothered me. First, Bulls blow 10 point lead with about 5 minutes left, but they are a young team so i guess what do you expect? Now, i have been doing a lot of hating on Brad Miller for turnovers, having a 3 inch vertical, and being the slowest person i've ever seen on a court. When Brad Miller went to the line, when an announcer states that Brad Miller is a 85% free throw shooter, and that hes good in these situations, you know he's missing the shot. Then, for the 2nd free throw, he throws it off the backboard, misses rim, you would think that all players know the ball must be touched by the rim. Anyways that was game 5, lets move to game 6.

So after game 5, I think Rondo is a POS, not for talent, but for how much of a cheap player he has been this series. Trips Hinrich and knocks out Millers tooth in one game, now we are in game 6, Bulls are up about 8, him and Hinrich fall out of bounds by Rondo throwing Hinrich to the ground, Hinrich got up, and he had that fighting pounce like he was gonna lay out Rondo, and i believed it may happen.

So we are going to fast forward to the 4th quarter. Bulls are up 91-81 with 8 minutes left. And typical Bulls, blow the lead, but not only blow the lead, let the Celtics go on a 18-0 run, and take the lead 99-91. So there I am, at a buddies house, wearing my Kirk Hinrich jersey, pouting with my best friend who also is a Bulls fan, thinking wow i hate the Celtics and that the Bulls should be up in this series 5-1, if a series could go that far. Then, a miracle happened, a such miracle that cannot be explained by divine intervention, the most unexpected player, Brad Miller of all people, hits a 3 pointer to bring them within 2 points with 30 seconds left. They get the ball back, and an deja vu moment, Miller top of the key, taking it to the rack, Rondo infront, and gets the layup to drop. The Once goat, any many rants from me hating on Miller, has been extracted. In game 5, Paul Pierce hit 4 huge jumpers, all going to his right. Now we came to the conclusion, he can't hit a jumper going to his left. Pierce had the chance to hit a game winner, and to our surprise, got the ball on the right side of the court, and with Hinrich guarding him, crossed over to his left, and bricked the shot. Needless to say, Joakim Noah, steals the ball, slams it down and gets the foul. Game should be over, no, i think Hinrichs layup was goaltended, and think of this possibility, if Rondo would of hit that jumper, what would the writers and critics say about Derek Rose, and his free throw shooting. His poor clutch free throw shooting costs him a national championship at Memphis, then eliminates them from the playoffs. Anyways, game 7 here we come.


So, i have always been a fan of the Orlando Magic since being old enough to follow the Magic. I mean i was 8 years old and still remember Nick "The Brick" Anderson costing Orlando the series in the 95 NBA finals.

Now Dwight Howard is suspended, and Courtney Lee is out for the playoffs. Now most sportswriters count the Magic out. Not me, now me knowing the Orlando Magic, know this team. Marcin Gortat will be a starting center sometime in his career, and last night showed it. He is quite the celebrity over in Poland, and he had some big plays last night. But we are going to head in this direction, i am watching Around The Horn, and they say about the game, "J.J. Redick siting tonight", and Redick who i still trust, hits 5 3's and scores 15 points. That says enough, i was expecting a 30 point night though LOL.

Now lets see if i can get my Magic/Bulls second round matchup.

Monday, April 27, 2009

All The Small Things...

Okay, so i am like pretty much obsessed with Blink 182 and anything to do with Blink 182. I haven't seem them in concert yet but i seen +44 in concert in Anaheim and i have seen Angels & Airwaves twice in concert in Milwaukee. I also have met Tom Delonge and we had a nice gay sweaty hug exchange. Anybody who seen them at Warp Tour last summer do not judge, wasn't their best performance, but if you seen them at the Rave 3 or so months earlier, it was EPIC.

Now If you do not know already, Blink 182 is back together and is about the greatest thing ever to be announced in a long time. They are getting back together for a summer tour this summer but i am skeptical about if they are releasing a new CD or not. Okay i was just proven wrong about that whole idea. I was on which is Mark Hoppus's own blogsite, i was on the website a month or so ago and he posted a picture of a possible lineup of songs they'd perform, well it was all of their old stuff. Now, since i just went there i have learned that they just created a new music video. But there are no details, i go on about once a day, but since blink 182 is not on modlife yet, i spose that's why i have not heard of any such news. Well i am very happy to learn this during mid blog session, and won't reedit my post since i was proven wrong.

The main reason i was blogging about Blink 182 because i came across this video about a hour ago, and apparently their is a BBC TV series called "All The Small Things" which revolves around a guy obsessed with Tom Delonge and a church choir that sings Blink 182 and also did an All-American Reject song. Apparently this show is a big hit over in Englahd with 5 million average viewers. Here is what i got to show for you ...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Muslim Basketball

Today was a very good day of basketball for me. Bulls won in double overtime and Hedo Turk hit a game winner against the 76ers. Both series are tied 2-2. Now i have been following both of these series very closely because they are my two favorite basketball teams. But Orlando has some serious problems right now with the 76ers. I just do not understand how they can have 10+ point leads in the 4th quarter and blow all 3 leads too have crazy finishes. They are lucky they are 2-1 in those 3 games. I think Orlando will be fine in the series but i am not 100% sure. Courtney Lee on the otherhand is the future of Orlando, he has been the most consistent player on the team with exceptions to Dwight Howard. Rashard Lewis and Hedo finally showed up to play, but the team is really missing Jameer Nelson right now running the offense.

For the Baby Bulls, Ben Gordon might be the best finisher and clutch performer in the league right now. I have been following him all season, and some of the shots he has hit in this series are unbelievable. To bad Brad Miller cost them game two or they would be up 3-1 in the series instead of 2-2.

I am also hoping that Adam Morrison gets some playing time in at least one Laker playoff game.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fire Vinny Del Negro Because Of Brad MIller!!!!

Okay, so the Bulls lost to the Celtics because "Jesus" was finally hitting shots for once in his life tonight, but the game should of never came down to this. The fact that Brad Miller was in the game for Tyrus Thomas is a joke. Thomas won them game one after Miller had 5 straight turnovers at the end of the 2nd half. Then tonight Thomas has 6 blocks, Noah and Miller cannot get a rebound if their life depended on it, and Celtics come back. Chicago had a 5 point lead, and Vinny decides that running pick and rolls from Rose to Miller was a good offensive set when Miller cannot catch a pass, or jump high enough to dunk a ball. Chicago should be up 2-0 but for some crazy reason the series is tied 1-1.

1. Ray Allen
2. Ben Gordon
3. Glen Davis

1. Vinny Del Negro
2. Brad Miller

I Hate Stan Van Gundy

In yesterday's game, Orlando is up 18 in the third quarter, you are playing the 76ers who have one player that is any good in Iquadola, you put in the reserves from 18 to 8 points lead, your playing turkoglu when he has about 4 points in the game, i understand he is clutch but that was last season, not this.... with 2.5 seconds left, the play you should of attempted you did two seasons ago

Now get your act together team and win the series

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little's Enough

Well hello, i decided i would start ranting about my opinions on sports, video games, music, because i got to do it somewhere.

so here is the beginning.....

on a side note, i read something today about you should never hate somebody, well i have 3 true hates and all involve one horrible day, these hates are the 2006 UCLA Bruins, Gus Johnson and J.P. Batista, this mainly shows why i hate Gus Johnson