Big Vanilla Earthquake

Big Vanilla Earthquake
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Washington Redskins

Now i am a Redskin fan, today Jim Zorn was fired and Shanahan will most likely take over. I also went to the Redskin game on Sunday where the Chargers 2nd string beat the Redskins. I stayed at the Hilton Motel and it happens the Redskins were also staying there, and i got to meet Antwan Randel El and Andrew Carter.

Now, i went to the bars downtown Washington and may have had to much to drink. When i arrived back Jason Campbell was in the main lobby. So i ask him " your Jason Campbell hey?" and he replies "No!"

Haha now i am no idiot

So i say " Yes you are you bum, retire and leave the redskins alone"

i was shortly escorted to my room