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Monday, April 27, 2009

All The Small Things...

Okay, so i am like pretty much obsessed with Blink 182 and anything to do with Blink 182. I haven't seem them in concert yet but i seen +44 in concert in Anaheim and i have seen Angels & Airwaves twice in concert in Milwaukee. I also have met Tom Delonge and we had a nice gay sweaty hug exchange. Anybody who seen them at Warp Tour last summer do not judge, wasn't their best performance, but if you seen them at the Rave 3 or so months earlier, it was EPIC.

Now If you do not know already, Blink 182 is back together and is about the greatest thing ever to be announced in a long time. They are getting back together for a summer tour this summer but i am skeptical about if they are releasing a new CD or not. Okay i was just proven wrong about that whole idea. I was on which is Mark Hoppus's own blogsite, i was on the website a month or so ago and he posted a picture of a possible lineup of songs they'd perform, well it was all of their old stuff. Now, since i just went there i have learned that they just created a new music video. But there are no details, i go on about once a day, but since blink 182 is not on modlife yet, i spose that's why i have not heard of any such news. Well i am very happy to learn this during mid blog session, and won't reedit my post since i was proven wrong.

The main reason i was blogging about Blink 182 because i came across this video about a hour ago, and apparently their is a BBC TV series called "All The Small Things" which revolves around a guy obsessed with Tom Delonge and a church choir that sings Blink 182 and also did an All-American Reject song. Apparently this show is a big hit over in Englahd with 5 million average viewers. Here is what i got to show for you ...

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