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Big Vanilla Earthquake
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Muslim Basketball

Today was a very good day of basketball for me. Bulls won in double overtime and Hedo Turk hit a game winner against the 76ers. Both series are tied 2-2. Now i have been following both of these series very closely because they are my two favorite basketball teams. But Orlando has some serious problems right now with the 76ers. I just do not understand how they can have 10+ point leads in the 4th quarter and blow all 3 leads too have crazy finishes. They are lucky they are 2-1 in those 3 games. I think Orlando will be fine in the series but i am not 100% sure. Courtney Lee on the otherhand is the future of Orlando, he has been the most consistent player on the team with exceptions to Dwight Howard. Rashard Lewis and Hedo finally showed up to play, but the team is really missing Jameer Nelson right now running the offense.

For the Baby Bulls, Ben Gordon might be the best finisher and clutch performer in the league right now. I have been following him all season, and some of the shots he has hit in this series are unbelievable. To bad Brad Miller cost them game two or they would be up 3-1 in the series instead of 2-2.

I am also hoping that Adam Morrison gets some playing time in at least one Laker playoff game.

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