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Big Vanilla Earthquake
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

J.J. Redick

So, the Orlando Magic/Boston Celtic series is tied 1-1, the Magic blow a 25 point lead in game 1 and end up winning, now we are going to head to game 2, Boston lead the entire game. Eddie House went crazy for 31 points, Rondo and Allen played respectful, but why didn't the Magic want to end the series there and go up 2-0? You are going to tell me that if they really wanted to they couldn't shut down Eddie House? Paul Pierce was in foul trouble the entire game. Now he will come back energized for game 3 and the Celtics will most likely pull this game out. Orlando is my favorite team but after that game, i don't see them winning this series. Here are my reasons, 1. Hedo Turkoglu is getting too much playing time for how poorly he is shooting. 2. Perkins can hold his own against Howard and prevent him from dunks and force hook shots that Howard hasn't developed yet.

Now after watching last nights game, i can tell you one thing, there was only one person who wanted to play last night, and that was J.J. Redick, he has scored 15 points in game one and two, but was in foul trouble in last nights game, only reason he did not score more. Rafer Alston is also facing a 1 game suspension for bitch slapping Eddie House in the back of the head for embarrassing the entire Magic squad.


now the Lakers tied up the series last night 1-1. Kobe Bryant dropped 40 points and had one of the craziest in game plays i have ever witnessed, he had the ball at the top left of the free throw line, stopped his dribble and was trapped, threw the ball of the backboard caught it and put it in fighting off Yao. In the game, Artest was thrown out of the game due to arguing with Kobe after Kobe elbowed Artest to the throat.

I will get more detailed into these series later on in the series.

On a Sidenote.... I noticed Adam Morrison wasn't suited up for the Lakers, i ponder the reasoning.

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