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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

X-Men Origins : Wolverine Review

So it is summer 2009, and it is a summer of movies. Now here is our lineup for the summer that I am most excited for:

X-Men Origins : Wolverine
Star Trek
Angels And Demons
Transformers 2
G.I. Joe : Rise Of Cobra
Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince

Now these are just a few of the movies i am very very excited for.

X-Men Origins : Wolverine

So i am a decent fan of the X-Men series, but with all 3 of the X-Men movies, all i wanted to see was my favorite X-Men character Gambit. He never made it into all 3 of them and it was quite disappointing. Now he finally made it into this movie. Also Ryan Reynolds played another one of my favorite characters, and that would be Wade Wilson "Deadpool". Now to go into the movie, it was overall a decent movie. First we start off that Wolverine kills his father unknowingly, and sets off his mutation. That then sets his mutation where he cannot die and no longer ages. It shows him being a major part of the Civil War, World War 2, and Vietnam War with his half - brother Victor Creed "Sabretooth". During the Vietnam War, the are imprisoned for stopping a rape of a Vietnamese civilian. These leads them to meeting William Styker and joining the Weapon X team which specializes in military missions but mostly in William Styker's benefits. Wolverine eventually quits the team, goes off on his own to live a more realistic life.

He then moves to Canada and falls in love. Sabretooth goes on a killing spree of all of the former members and they plot to kill Wolverines love interest to get Wolverine to do a military experiment to change his skeleton to a type of indestructible metal. These leads to Wolverine realizing William Styker's true meaning and sets of a set of events of Wolverine getting revenge on the entire Weapon X program. With this he meets Gambit and leads him to William Styker's facility and finds his brother, all the mutants Styker has captured to create another version of Wolverine, Weapon 11, and finds out his lover is still alive used as a plot to know what Wolverine was still alive and was also a mutant that can make others do what she wants. Wolverine battles Weapon 11 who is Wade Wilson's body and a mixture of all the mutants powers. Wolverine and Sabretooth defeat Weapon 11 and Gambit shows up to help lead the other mutants out and the other mutants meet up with Professor Xavier. Wolverine is then shot in the head by Styker and loses all memory.

Overall i give this movie a 7.0, decent movie but expected more.

I had 2 problems with this movie....

Wade Wilson:Weapon 11:Deadpool

I think Wade Wilson should of had a more important role in this film but i guess they are working him into another film to show more of his story. Now Wade Wilson is a mercenary with skill with swords/katanas. They show him at the end as Weapon 11 and there were a few problems i have with it. They call him Deadpool and Weapon 11, and if you know your comics and story, they are totally 2 different characters.
Also, i didn't know that this movie was a Mortal Kombat spinoff, as Weapon 11 had swords come out of his arms like Wolverines claws. He resembled Baraka from Mortal Kombat way too much. But only time will tell where they lead this towards i suppose so i will hold of my judgment of possibly massacreing the Deadpool character since they say there will be a feature film more into his character.

Second Problem:

Only a small problem, i wish Gambit would of been in the movie a little more, but i spose it is the origins of Wolverine, not Gambit, hopefully they had more parts of him into the future.

I did find these videos pretty cool though of Gambit and Wade Wilson though.

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  1. I agree and disagree. I agree that Gambit should have been in the movie more.I didnt even think how much weapon 11 resembles Baraka sooooo much. Also, if you ever play Ultimate Aliance, you will find that Deadpool is NOTHING like he is in the movie. No lazer vision, nothing but swords and a couple guns...

    However though, this turned out to be my new 2nd fav movie. (Behind DARK KNIGHT) I absolutley loved it. [THEN AGAIN I AM A X MEN FANATIC. SO IM NOT ONE TO SAY...]