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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madden 10 Review

The newest installment of Madden came out in August and i have waited a few months to review it because not all the glitches come out right away and people sooner or later will discover them.

First of all there are tons of new features in this years Madden.

- "PRO-TAK" - which is a new tackling animation that allows up to 9 players tackle a ball carrier

- "Fight For The Fumble" - when a fumble happens, players will dive on the ball and a "button smash sequence" will appear and whoever hit's these buttons the fastest will win the "Fight For The Fumble"

Now there are some changes in the gameplay. First of all, there is a new rating system that has drastically changed. Overall ratings are now drastically spread out from an Peyton Manning (99 Overall), to a Colt Brennan (45 Overall). Now this was put into effect to be more realistic to NFL gameplay. Another major change to the gameplay is they slowed down the overall game speed.

Online Features:

There are two new features when you go online in this years game. First there is a Co-Op mode where you somebody at random will play Quarterback/Receiver against the CPU. Unless you know who you are playing with, it is very faulty due to communication errors. There is also an Online Franchise option where you and up to 32 others can play in an online franchise together with friends or completely randoms. Which is another great feature to this years game.

Overall : I give the game a 8.5 out of 10

It is probably the best madden game but still is not perfect. There are still faults in the game like the QB Draw Glitch

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